When it comes to the security of your computer and the data that it holds, having a good security program installed and updated on your computer is paramount. Many security and antivirus programs are circulated on the internet, knowing which ones are worth spending your hard earned dollars on is important. Southmicro technicians have dealt with just about all the security and antivirus programs used by home and business users and have a good grasp on which ones work best.

Research shows that unprotected computers can get infected and hacked within minutes of being on the internet. Accordingly, not only is it important to protect computers against malware such as virus and spyware, but having a good firewall plays a critical role in securing the computer against hackers. It is true that many routers and modems come with a firewall, but it best to have multiple levels of protection whenever possible, so having a good firewall on the computer itself is a great way to implement that additional layer of protection.

Southmicro technicians have experience across a large range of security and antivirus software as well as various implementations of firewalls within a router or modem device and within the security software suite. For security and antivirus software installations, firewall implementations and all other computer services and computer repairs, please do give us a call or fill out our online enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you with your requests for computer assistance.