You have a shiny new computer in front of you, or perhaps the computer has recently been re-setup. Almost all computers in existence require an internet connection to make full use of their potential. Likewise an Email account is considered essential by most people who use computers. Southmicro Technicians have setup internet connections and email accounts countless times. When you need these things to be setup right the first time, look no further than Southmicro Technicians who will carry out Computer Setup and Computer Repairs quickly and thoroughly.

In an office environment it is essential that all staff get access to the internet to do work related research and to run any web based business software that is critical to the business. When a workstation can't access the internet or the email is not setup, this negatively affects productivity of the employee affected. This is why its important to have the computer setup to talk with the internet and to be able to send and receive emails to connect with customers and suppliers.

Internet connections come in a variety of forms, some are ADSL, some are Cable, then we have other types such as fibre and dial-up modems. No matter what the internet technology might be, Southmicro Technicians can help with Internet Connections and Computer Repairs. Emails are setup in a variety of ways also. For example, you can have email running on an Exchange Server inside the office or you can have Exchange Server hosted by an external organisation. There are POP, IMAP, ActiveSync Email account types amongst others. However, you need not worry about the email alphabet soup. Let us sort this out for you, because no matter the type of email you use, we can help. For all computer matters including all kinds of computer repairs, please give us a call or book on our site.